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White Bird Release Services 


Coming Soon to Blanca, San Luis Valley and Alamosa, Colorado

Release up to 6 white doves for your special occasion. Cari Conari  provides dove releasing services for weddings, funerals, events, film shoots, photo shoots, fine art events, or any special occasion.  Birds can be released by hand, with help from Cari, the bird trainer, released from the basket, or from show baskets. The birds must be released at least 2 hours before sunset, since they need daylight to fly home to their coup before nightfall. These white homing pigeon (rock dove, Columba Livia) doves are specially trained to return to their coup after they are released. Once released the birds will fly above together, circling the event below until they make their way home. 

The number of birds released can be symbolic,
and can have both universal and personal meanings.

1 One... Wholeness, absolute, unity and oneness
2 Two...Partnership, loyalty, love, marriage, duality, yin-yang, balance
3 Three...Trinity, divinity, dynamic
4 Four.... manifestation, earth, justice, four seasons+directions +elements
5 Five... perfection, power, sense, meditation
6 Six... Harmony, Peace, Love, beauty, creation

 If you have found a lost white dove,
please call Cari 720-238.3192

 [email protected]

The Bird Trainers

                             Cari Conari 

Thomas Robison

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